The hiatus is now official. Those are all the asks I can answer right now. There’s like…two or three more that I NEED new pictures for and the rest need cameos by my friends.

I’ll still be around and fingers crossed I’ll get my hair cut and then if you guys gimme some more stuff to work with there’ll be some more answers <3


aksfjhagklhdgladglkalg gosh you guys are so nice.

You gotta stop. Zexion says if I keep blushing like this there won’t be enough blood in my brain and I’ll die for proper this time.

Boo Xion. Boo. Stop being other places.


Yeah sorry guys I gotta ease off any more posts for a while, not that I’ve been posting much but yeah.

I got a big mission and I need to prep and try and convince someone else to go for me.

Fingers crossed.

I’ll try to get one more answer in before I leave.

-Demyx IX Melodious Nocturne 

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Halloween candy is my favourite kind!



Oh…did you want some?

Guys, guess where I am guys!

Disney World!

Demyx at Disney!

Man I’m so excited, I haven’t been to visit the different princesses since forever.

Anyway so I’ll take some cool pics, promise. Couldn’t get any of the other members to come with me but. Axel was busy and Roxas had a mission and no one else wanted to :( [not even Xigbar or Zexion D:]

Sorry I haven’t been answering your questions much. Promise I have some answers coming your way soon (:

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Heh, aww thank you-

Wait what.


Get out!


Aww gosh, stop, you’re making me blush!